What to Pack While Travelling With Your Baby

First trip with the baby and not sure what to pack? Let us help you with that.

It feels like getting back your old life to an extent. I remember my first trip. I was going to see my mother. She was not well when my daughter was born. It was a double whammy. Going to my mom as a mother and that feeling of finally growing up and seeing my Mom, to whom I would always be a little girl, was an extremely happy moment that I was waiting for. When I look back, the amount of stuff I had packed while travelling without my husband and the sheer trauma of having to lug all that and a baby and the stressed ‘me’. Nightmare!!

Today I thought of creating a checklist of all the things you need to pack up while travelling with your baby- so that you don’t have to go through what I went through and pay for additional baggage and have all fellow travelers looking at you and trying to help you (You don’t want kindness all the time, right?)

  • Diapers [ always pack up a few extras]
  • Diaper cream
  • Change of clothes for baby- something easy to slip on
  • Change of clothes for yourself in case the baby decides to throw up or spills anything on her cute little attire
  • Changing mat
  • Baby Wipes
  • Toys and books
  • Sanitizer and Sanitizing wipes
  • Extra bibs
  • Baby blanket and a wrap for yourself [in case your baby starts to feel cold and for breast feeding]. Do remember to feed them during takeoff as that reduces airborne pressure
  • Disposable bags [to store soiled clothes or burped hankies]
  • Necessary medications that your baby might need. Make sure you have a thermometer with you all the time. Your baby is very delicate in the first few months, so they have more chances of contacting infection which may lead to fever.
  • Body lotion and powder and baby safe cologne
  • Baby Food- milk formula, top feed or any solid food that you usually feed your baby
  • Breast pump along with bottles for storage of expressed milk
  • Detachable containers with proper measured quantity of feed that can be poured easily into a bottle
  • A few extra bottles for storage. Boiled or mineral water that’s safe for baby. Make sure any baby utensil you use while feeding them is properly sterilized.
  • Front sling, lightweight stroller or carrier
  • Cell phone and charger with a good camera (to document her first journey)
  • Baby passport [ in case you are flying with your infant overseas]
  • For international travels you might also need to carry documents for your baby such as their birth certificate and custody and consent documents from both parents.

Although this sounds quite simple, it is always good to keep a list ready. And remember a lot of things can be bought once you reach your destination. Along with all this, remain stress free and happy during your journey, the world is a beautiful place and there is help and support everywhere. So, do not stress mom, even if you are flying solo.

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