To massage your child right is one of the most important things for them to have a strong body and good immunity. This Infant Massage Oil keeps the child’s skin delicate, smooth and supple and maintains its natural softness.

Made from ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, and olive oil, this massage oil retains moisture and heals chapped and irritated skin. An effective moisturizer and exfoliant, this massage oil is what your kid needs at this stage.

We know that your primary concern is your kid’s safety. This oil prevents your newborn’s skin from the outer harms by making a defensive shield around your baby’s body.

With 14 natural and organic ingredients, the unwinding infant massage oil boasts of its skincare and protection properties. The Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil extract has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in skin repair and damage control. The Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang ) oil helps stimulate a natural glow and effectively improves the baby’s mood, which is of utmost importance. The other ingredients provide anti-aging and anti-irritant properties providing all-around comfort and care to that delicate baby skin.

Directions for use: Undress the baby and lay them on a soft but firm surface so that they’re facing you.

Apply the massage oil gently.
The oil must be used carefully as per the following steps: Undress the baby and make them lie on their backs, add some oil to your hand and gently massage the baby’s whole body with oil. Rub softly and enjoy their sigh of comfort while you are at it.


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  • Product Differentiators

    Natural Oil

    Every last drop in our massage oil comes from natural sources. We do not use any fillers or additives, because we know that your little angel deserves nothing less than natural goodness.


    Gentle healing

    Ingredients like sweet almond oil not only excel at providing moisture, but also heal chapped skin without a hitch. We believe that your infant’s massage sessions should be an experience that not only nourishes, but also protects the supple skin from all irritation and harm.


    The perfect relaxation buddy

    Our massage oil is made to instantly upgrade baby & mom bonding time. Providing an experience that helps even the most fussy toddlers relax. The stimulation of a massage greatly helps babies grow during their first formative year. We enhance this experience with our carefully curated list of ingredients.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Sweet almond oil

    Rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, and retinol, sweet almond oil keeps the skin cells healthy and protects your baby from UV radiation damage.


    Hemp seed oil

    Hemp seed oil is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that balance out oily skin to prevent acne and rashes.


    Jojoba seed oil

    The anti-inflammatory properties in jojoba seed oil tame chafing and chapping, protecting the baby’s soft skin from redness and rashes.


    Manuka oil

    With its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, this oil turns every message into a skincare routine for your baby.