The two-in-one infant wash and shampoo is an all-in-one solution for your baby’s skincare. The diverse composition of soothing ingredients makes it the best product for your baby’s delicate skin.
Ingredients like Guar gum provide excellent conditioning and thickening of hair with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea extract also helps in increasing skin suppleness, hydration and glow. Essential oils such as Sahajan oil extract and coconut oil supplement the anti-inflammatory properties and other positive skin benefits. It is very easy to use; just put a small amount of wash on the head and body and rub in a circular motion. . Rinse the hair and body with clean water.

Your baby deserves the best in the world. And we know you want to give your kid the best. One of your major concerns must be about choosing the right washing and cleaning products. This Infant Wash & Shampoo is the perfect body and hair wash and cleanses your baby’s scalp gently while keeping the essential oils intact. And most importantly, it brings no tears during the bath.

The pH-balanced 2-in-1 formula is designed to gently cleanse the baby from head to toe. It leaves the baby’s hair squeaky clean, shiny, soft, and manageable in every weather.

The Ashwagandha extract and the Sahjan extract are excellent for hair and skincare and are powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. As you have a lot to worry about, with this wash, you need not worry about your baby’s cleansing routine.

Direction for Use: Put a small amount of wash on the head and the body.
Rub in a gentle circular motion.
Keep the head tilted back so the shampoo doesn’t run into the eyes.
Fill the cup again with clean water to rinse hair and body.
For external use only.


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  • Product Differentiators

    2 in 1 formula

    Our gentle formulation has given birth to a wash that is equally mild and effective on both the body and hair. Ingredients like guar gum make the infant’s hair stronger, while components like green tea extract make the skin more supple.


    Ph balanced formula

    With babies aged between years 0-1, the skin is so sensitive that even a slight deviation in Ph values can cause problems. That’s why we keep every little detail in mind while formulating our wash for their delicate skins.


    Locks in the essential oils

    Harsh chemical products can remove more than just dirt and grime. They strip away the essential oils necessary to keep a baby’s skin and scalp healthy. Our gentle organic ingredients not only provide nutrition and care to the baby’s skin, they also help preserve the necessary essential oils that are naturally produced by their bodies.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Green tea extract

    Green tea is the perfect herb for livening up your baby’s hair and skin. It promotes hair growth and makes the skin smooth and supple at the same time.


    Amla extract

    Chock full of vitamin C, this extract will clear up all your baby’s pores. This property hidden in amla works like magic when it comes to removing acne and pimples.


    Ashwagandha extract

    Ashwagandha is one of the primary ingredients in ayurveda. It heals and nourishes your baby’s delicate skin, while also providing strong anti-inflammatory properties.


    Moringa Oil

    Being rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, moringa oil helps keep the baby’s skin taut and wrinkle free.