Vitamins and antioxidant-rich mixture of ingredients make the infant rash cream effective against any nuisance-causing rashes. Eucalyptus leaf extract provides an anti-drying effect by retaining moisture. With good shelf life and protection from microbes, the infant rash cream is extremely economical. About two fingers full of cream is needed, which is then applied all over the rash area, making it extremely easy to use.

One of the main causes of your worry these days is the rashes that your infant is having. And as much as it hurts you to see their rashes, it hurts us as well.

The infant rash cream moisturises your baby’s skin and prevents dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin. It also prevents minor skin irritations like diaper rashes. Formulated with ingredients like Sahjan oil, Shea butter, natural, and Eucalyptus Globulus leaf extract, this rash cream softens the skin and decreases itching and flaking.

We know that your baby’s skin is precious to you. This rash cream contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help heal minor cuts, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, and scrapes quickly.

Directions for use: Use a generous amount of rash cream, about two fingers full.
Apply over the entire rash area.


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  • Product Differentiators

    Quick relief system

    Our super-fast absorption formula aims to provide relief to your baby as fast as possible. Skin irritations can make your baby’s life really difficult. So we do everything we can to make sure that these annoying problems are dealt with in a hurry.


    Vitamin rich formula

    A mixture of vitamins and antioxidants makes this cream perfectly equipped to take on any nuisance causing rashes. About two fingers full of cream is all that is needed to combat nasty rashes, itches, and redness that irritates your baby’s sensitive skin.


    Natural healing properties

    Ingredients like eucalyptus leaf extract and shea butter bring the best of nature’s healing properties into this cream. This makes sure that the cream not only heals problem areas, but also softens and moisturizes them for long lasting protection.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Shea butter

    Provides deep moisturization and helps in skin cell regeneration. This makes sure that when the rash is gone, the skin below it can heal up quickly.


    Rosemary extract

    Rosemary extracts stimulate cell growth, providing a gentle recovery to the rash covered areas.


    Eucalyptus leaf extract

    Eucalyptus is filled to the brim with natural healing properties. It soothes the baby’s skin and makes rashes disappear without trace.


    Cocoa butter

    Being rich in fatty acids, cocoa butter hydrates and nourishes the baby’s skin. This combats even the most stubborn redness.