Baby skin is very delicate and sensitive and ought to be treated with the highest level of care. The rectangular design of our apron hooded towel provides a big surface area to cover the baby completely. It is made of soft and absorbent double-layered fabric. The apron design prevents your clothes from getting wet when drying your baby. Made with 100% cotton, the towel is extremely easy to clean and maintain.  Just wrap the towel completely around the baby after bathing.


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  • Product Differentiators

    The perfect fit

    The hooded design, along with the large surface area, makes this towel perfect to comfortably wrap around your baby from all angles. The snug fit keeps your baby happy and warm after each bath.


    Keeps up with your baby’s growing needs

    The 44x29 inch dimension of this towel makes sure that it fits your baby even as they grow. This means that it will be by your baby’s side for much longer than any other towel.


    Double layered, double coloured, double care

    We stop at nothing to make sure that we are providing the best possible care for your baby. Double layering means that this towel will last much longer, and double colouring means that it will stay bright and vibrant throughout the years.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    100% cotton

    Being comfortable, durable, and hypo allergenic, cotton is the perfect material for the delicate skins of babies between the years 0 and 1. We do not add any filler materials, because your baby deserves to be cradled in the comfort of pure cotton.


    Knitted terry fabric

    This knitting technique ensures that our towels have the smoothest possible surface in order to be as gentle as possible on the skin.


    30S combed thread count

    We have crafted the perfect texture for our towels through a combed, single yarn knit. This ensures that when your baby is wrapped up in it, they enjoy a cozy and fuss free experience.


    No AZO dyes

    We do not use any harmful chemicals to colour our towels. That makes them not only naturally vibrant, but also an uncompromised safe space for your little one.