Post-delivery – Overall well being

This is the time when a woman would long for her body to be in its best possible shape, However, months of caring after another life in the making, the body and mind of a mother undergo certain physiological, emotional and psychological changes which may have long-lasting effects.

These effects are of course not the same for everyone. For example, it is seen that most women tend to gain weight during their pregnancy. 6-14% of the women tend to get overweight within 1 year after delivery. Some women who have difficult or high-risk pregnancy may lack stamina even months after delivery.  Certain hormonal changes, gender disappointment or simply the anxiety of being a first-time mom can also induce depression and ill health in some cases. Thus, post-natal care is extremely important for the physical and mental well-being of both the mother and her child.

A few simple conscious inclusions all new mothers should look at:

  • Practice Yoga and Meditation: After a normal vaginal delivery with no other health complications, you can practice yoga and workout, 4-5 weeks post-delivery. In case of a c-section one has to wait for about 3 months before starting yoga or Pilates. This is to avoid internal bleeding [hemorrhage] or putting any kind of stress on your abdominal area.
  • Incorporate a workout routine- Doctors and medical practitioners advise new mothers to take a walk every day after delivery. A few months after the delivery, you can hit the gym and begin working out intensely again. Start out gradually and don’t be in a rush. If you are someone who has not worked out much before delivery, then it is advised that you take it easy. Build up your stamina, start with light weight trainings and low intensity workouts.
  • Laugh and learn– Taking motherhood easy is key to a successful journey. You must laugh at your mistakes. It is human not to know how to feed or burp your baby properly. It is natural for you to want to catch up on sleep or wanting to go out with your friends for a drink.
  • Talk to your partner – Do not let your slightly out of shape body or tired mind take over your relationship. This is the time to renew your bond as both of you have brought a baby together. It is a shared journey. Remembering that and spending some quality time takes away a lot of day-to-day stress.
  • Get adequate sleep- 8-12 hours. Sleep as much as you want. Let no one decide that for you.
  • Eat well- Do not eat ghee-laden laddus only. Make every meal a moment of celebration. Eating a good breakfast, lunch and dinner interspersed with 2-3 healthy snacks, keeping a watch on calorie count and nutritional value, will help you to remain energetic for yourself and your baby.
  • And lastly keep a watch on your mental well-being. If you are feeling overwhelmed or upset or depressed reach out to your partner or your support system. In extreme cases talk to your doctor.

Pregnancy is possibly the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. The discomfort, the excess fat and the stress disappears gradually. You should be able to look back at those days with a smile. Do everything that makes you happy. You have earned it!!!!

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