How to form a sleeping schedule for your new born

Hey there, beautiful mums! This is Anwesha, back again.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year. 2020 has been the strangest year, but for me extremely fulfilling personally. I became a mom and a learner. I am genuinely hoping that baby and I would go through 2021 with equal elan’ and I will have loads to share with all of you.

Today I will be writing about something that always evokes a mixed bag of emotions. The thing that was very dear to me all my life, was getting about 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Ever since I became a mother seven months ago, I have had to make major compromises with my otherwise mandatory and non-negotiable sleep cycle. During the early months, in between becoming a new mother and keeping up with household work, sometimes I barely managed to get 2-3 hours of sleep. Every time I woke up in the middle of the night, it was simply wonderful to see my daughter reaching out to me. Feeding her and singing to her and seeing her going back to sleep- completed our little world. But all three of us were caught up in our warped time zones. Mornings seemed like nights and evenings like dawn. Going back to expressing milk, doing regular chores, cooking, cleaning was becoming tough.

My daughter would sleep throughout the day initially. By 12 noon, after her bath and lunch, she would wake up at around 5 pm. She will be awake and playful till 8ish and sleep till 2 am. After that? No one could predict anything.

We were told that babies have very erratic and unpredictable sleeping schedule for the first few months, after which they settle into a regular sleep pattern. With my daughter she would wake up between 1 or 2 am and needed about 3 feeds till 6 am. Feeding and burping, each cycle would last for about 15 minutes to half an hour. This would keep me sleep deprived perennially.

These are some of the learnings that I picked up along the way, which made life easier for me.


I made sure that my baby’s bed was not filled with toys or any other objects. The whole idea was to acquaint her with sleep time, which was different from play time.


I would wake her up at around 10 am. Give her a feed and dim the lights. I would sing a lullaby that I would compose impromptu. This was our time. I would talk to her and give her a gentle massage. This worked like magic. After going off to sleep at around 11, she would wake up at 3 am.

I would doze off around 11 too. I earned 3-4 hours of undisturbed sleep by bringing in this simple change.


I would dress her up in comfortable cotton jhablas or vests. I bought some beautiful pyjamas too. Her night time wardrobe consisted of loose, comfortable clothing which were easy to remove. I had to change her diapers every 3 hours, so that she did not develop rashes. Also, sometimes after feeding she would take out a little milk. Easy to remove clothes would make the job of changing her easy. Aww, the giggle and the gurgling sound that came with it, after she was fully fed and happy. That’s what makes everything worthwhile. I would perfume her clothes and bed clothes with an alcohol free Eau de Cologne. It smelt nice and I believe, she liked it too.


Stick to a pattern and try not to make many changes to it. With time your baby adapts the routine and falls in line with the rhythm.

When your baby is about four months old, try not to immediately pick them up as they wake up. Sometimes, kids self-soothe themselves after a few minutes of crying and go back to sleep. This is an excellent way to sleep train your baby from a young age.

My daughter’s everyday sleeping schedule started looking something like this by the time she was about four months old:




Sleep [7hours]

5am-9 am

Sleep [4 hours]


Sleep [3 hours]


Sleep [1 hour]

By the time she was about 5 five months old. I also noticed that if she missed her evening sleep at 5pm, then she would sleep more soundly at night. That allowed me to get some more me time and more sleep.

My husband is a hands-on dad and helps a lot in taking care of our baby when she wakes up at irregular hours. So far, we have managed just fine. I am still learning. Although it has not been as easy as it might sound, I would not change a thing about the whole journey. I have already started missing those initial frantic days. However, I will talk about other joys that I am experiencing along the way, very soon in my next blog.

With that we come to an end of this blog. Hope you found this insightful. I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences with motherhood. Feel free to get in touch. Until next time! Take care pretties! 🙂

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