What is Wabi Babi?

 Wabi Babi is a happy space for first time moms who need their emotions and needs in their year one journey to be understood and supported.

What does Wabi Babi mean?

Our brand is called ‘’WABI BABI’’ its a spin of the Japanese terminology called Wabi sabi which appreciates the beauty of imperfection similar to how a mother always feels no matter how much she does she always feels imperfect, we want to support and appreciate that mother and remind that no matter how imperfect she feels ,whatever she does is absolutely perfect for herself and her child.

Why did a first time mom decide to start a company?

Having experienced the problems faced by first time moms first hand during her year one journey, Kangna wanted to create a purpose-driven brand to help empower every mother to be able to provide a happy and peaceful future for her children by promoting a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression through content, products and services.

What does Wabi Babi aspire to be in the future?

Wabi Babi’s aspires to be the most impactful brand in the world for a new mother and her child

What products can I purchase from Wabi Babi?

Wabi Babi has an exclusive range of infant and mom bath care products with more products to be added very soon.

Do Wabi Babi products have a shelf life?

Yes Wabi Babi products have shelf life. Expiry date of products are mentioned in package box

Do Wabi Babi products contain any harmful chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil, etc?

No. All Wabi Babi products are made in accordance with the highest safety standards, thereby ensuring that our products are free from all potentially harmful chemicals.

Are Wabi Babi products tested on animals?

No. None of Wabi Babi’s products are tested on animals.

What is the Wabi Babi Community?

Anyone who wishes to avail of Wabi Babi’s products and services or engages with Wabi Babi’s content on any digital or social media automatically becomes a member of the Wabi Babi Community. 

Is my personal information safe with Wabi Babi?

Wabi Babi gives utmost priority to data safety. For more details, please check out our Privacy Policy.

Ordering: If customer faces any issues while ordering they can get in touch with us on wecare@wabibabi.com