There’s no right and wrong breastfeeding feeding position. It’s up to you to decide which position is best suited for you and your baby. Trying out different breastfeeding positions and techniques can be quite helpful as your baby grows up and gets ready for more feed.

Discover our top picks for most-preferred feeding positions that you can try out with your baby:


  • Sit upright and make sure your baby is positioned on his side, facing your breast.
  • Cradle the baby with their neck on your forearm.
  • For better comfort and to avoid a stiff back, use a cushion behind you. Use a breastfeeding pillow across your lap to prop up your baby.


  • This position is similar to cradle hold; however, this time your baby’s neck is positioned on your opposite forearm.
  • Since your baby is positioned on your opposite forearm, use the free hand to shape your breast so that your baby can get a proper latch on it while feeding.


  • In this position you need to simply lay on your side while positioning your baby towards your breast.
  • This position is more comfortable after you’ve had a c section or whenever you are too exhausted to get up for a feed.


  • It is very similar to side-lying, but this time you need to switch your position and lay on the opposite side.


  • Lay on your back and place your baby on your chest and shoulder.
  • Comfortable for newborns and moms, especially after a c-section.


  • Adjust the carrier so that your baby is facing the nipple height.
  • Make sure your baby’s hands are on either side of your breast while feeding.


  • Perfect for moms with twins. Start off by sitting upright on a chair
  • Position your baby at your side (the side from which you want to feed), under your arms, with their hips close to your hips. Make sure your baby’s nose is in level with your breast.
  • Support the babies’ neck with your palms.
  • Convenient position while feeding twins. Use a twin breastfeeding pillow for better comfort.

Breastfeeding gets better with practice. Don’t stress if you are not getting it right in the first few days. Trust us, just by keeping at it, you and your baby will do better. Relax, be happy and look after yourself. Rest everything will follow.

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