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Our Story

In Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a concept that accepts and appreciates beauty in transition, the joy of the journey, and not only the wait for the destination. Our brand, Wabi Babi celebrates the beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. As you teach your baby, you learn as well. We aim to hold you together through intimacy, love, and support to celebrate the raw you, the uninhibited you.

Wabi Babi is the brainchild of the co-founders, Vijay and Kangna. The idea struck when Vijay saw his wife, Kangna, struggle as a first time mother. Unable to help and contribute as much as he’d like to, he realised that most first time mothers go through a similar journey. That is when he and Kangna decided to create India’s first brand that would focus primarily on mothers and their journey from pregnancy till their baby is 1 year old.
The first insight that they got from first time mothers was that they don’t feel clean and don’t feel good about themselves after childbirth. Focussing on this problem, they got soaps handmade using aromatherapy formulations, that would help a mother feel good about herself while taking care of her baby.
Like most babies, their daughter suffered with a condition called atopic dermatitis. They tried several products available in the market, but soon realised that babies have different skins at different ages. Following this, they came up with a skin care range, developed and formulated in Canada, that is specifically made for a newborn skin.
Another observation they made was that often while bathing their baby, mothers get drenched in the process. For this, they came up with Apron Hooded Towels, which works as an apron for the mother and a hooded towel for the baby.
Their main goal that stands currently is to create a platform for everything that a first time mother would require for taking care of her baby and herself. A platform where they could share the right content, knowledge, and products for a first time mother so she feels empowered to raise her newborn happily and without any concerns. Wabi Babi would become a space for first time mothers to help them during the first year of motherhood.

Key Features

Specially Developed for Baby & Mum
Specially Developed for Baby & Mum
All our products have been created after extensive research and testing to ensure maximum benefits for babies and new moms with no side effects.
Highest Quality Products Guaranteed
Highest Quality Products Guaranteed
Everything from our raw materials to the finished products undergoes strict quality checks across numerous parameters that guarantee only the best experience for babies and new moms.
Ethical & Sustainable Business Practices
Ethical & Sustainable Business Practices
Our love and respect for the planet and fellow beings means that our ingredients are ethically sourced, responsibly manufactured, and sustainably packaged

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing mothers the correct choices and products so they can give their babies the best of the world. For we believe that every baby deserves the right care.

With a thoughtful design approach, a careful understanding of the needs of first-time moms and their babies aged between zero to one, we support new mothers with the required products and knowledge.


To support every new mother by providing relevant content, knowledge, world class products and services.


To be a completely focused company in meeting the needs of every first-time mother and her baby; To be the most impactful brand in the world for a new mother and her child.


To empower every mother to be able to provide a happy and peaceful future for her children by promoting a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression through our content, products and services

Core Values

Always Choose Truth

Respect Every Babyvidual

Express How You Feel

Unlearn & Relearn

Be Resourceful

The Founders

Kangna Kakar
Kangna Kakar is the co-founder of Wabi Babi and also a mother. She holds a diploma in health and nutrition and has worked as a dietician for three years. Kangna has also worked as a preschool teacher with one of the leading preschools in Delhi.
She moved to Canada to pursue a course in nursery education, also known as early childhood education, to enhance her knowledge in the domain. As she reached the end of her course, she conceived and became a mother for the first time.
After experiencing the journey of a first time mother, which is constantly filled with doubts, confusion, questions and going with instincts, she and her husband came up with the brand Wabi Babi.

Vijay Kakar
Vijay Kakar is the founder of Wabi Babi and also the brain behind the brand.The idea struck when Vijay saw his wife, Kangna, struggle as a first time mother. Prior to launching Wabi Babi, he lived in Canada for a couple of years. He is a former Life Coach. Vijay was also running his successful family business in Ukraine for four years before starting his career as a trainer in Learning & Development in 2002.